A Career in Inbound Marketing Might Be the Best Path for You!

Where do you see your career in the next five years? If you don’t have an answer to this befuddling question, Inbound Marketing career path might just be the perfect road for you, so read on. If you do, congratulations! Still read on too. Information is power.

When it comes to job availability, security and career growth, the next five years… the next twenty years… in short, the entire future looks bright for Inbound Marketers. (can I get a hi-five from professional Inbound Marketers? Yay!).

Inbound Marketing is a rewarding career and you get to invent creative ways to help people find what they want online… and, sometimes, offline. There’s also a great community to join. And you’re able to derive tremendous satisfaction from your work (of course, a fat salary is satisfactory). Another bonus about the Inbound Marketing career is the low barrier to entry (we’re all mostly self-taught).

Good news, right? Sure, but this low barrier also means there is stiff competition for each vacancy and/or new job that’s created. Here are some advanced strategies for landing your Inbound Marketing career. I hope it inspires you to think of creative ways you can impress an Inbound Marketing agency (or digital-focused company) and separate yourself from the pack.

Start by Getting Inbound Marketing Certified

There are certifications you can take online that will earn you major credibility in the Inbound Marketing Industry. Our Inbound Marketing Certification Training is designed to teach you how to align the content you create with your target audience’s interests, challenges, and goals. Flawlessly attracting Inbound traffic that you can convert, close, and delight over time. You will be prepared and empowered to enter the worlds of internet, digital, and inbound marketing career. Proudly mention this certification in your cover letter and resume.



Interact with the Community

There are so many great places to make your mark in this industry: blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities, Quora, Moz’s Q&A Forum and many more. All of these are great places for you to jump in and share your experience and expertise; but don’t just agree with the group and sing praises, offer unique examples or a viewpoint that’s entirely your own. Aim to differentiate yourself! Make it your goal to help people. Inbound Marketing career is about being helpful and relevant. Start discussions around current trends or new technologies.

Link to Your Target’s Blog Posts

If you have a blog, do you know what happens when you link to someone else’s blog? You get a pingback! This is a notification in WordPress that someone has linked to you. Don’t just link, talk about them, talk about why you liked their post, make an insightful comment. Perhaps put a video on that page where you demonstrate everything that you’ve been researching and at the end of that video, you can talk about how you’re looking for a place to make an impact.

Bonus tip: Write a guest blog post for your target company. Wouldn’t it be great to say, “I’ve written for your blog” in the job interview?

Know Who’s Who in the Industry

Dive into the Inbound Marketing industry and get to know its leaders like Brian Halligan, Rand Fishkin, Eric Enge, Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, Matt Cutts, etc. Don’t name drop, but do reference specific content and current news. Better yet, engage these people in conversation; you’d be surprised by how accessible they are. Doing something like this is sure to get you noticed by an inbound marketing agency.

Understand the Target Company’s Culture

Work to understand the company’s culture by following their social media, watching their videos or even try talking to someone who already works there. Contact the digital marketing manager and write interesting stories to publish on their blog. Send cupcakes and resumes delivered in pizza boxes. Understand the corporate culture and create unique ways to build affinity with the target company.

Didn’t get the job?

Are you kidding me? Seriously! They went with that guy?? it’s ok! There are lots of companies who are willing to hold out for the perfect candidate. Many companies keep a “roster” of potential “call-ups” so don’t be phased if you don’t get the job right off the bat.

The world of inbound marketing is growing! There is room for you!

Even if you don’t get a job the first time around, be persistent! I hope that I’ve inspired you or a least provided you with some actionable strategies. If you have any other ideas that may have helped you get an awesome job, please share your comments and let’s make this post an even better resource! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Or if you know someone who’s looking for a job, please share this blog with them.

Yes, that reminds me, there’s room for you at E-KLIQ New Media. We are always looking for creative and exceptional brains. And because we have an Inbound Academy, we have the privilege of hiring geniuses immediately after their certifications. Cheers!


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Sylvia Agamah-Ochidi
Co-founder. Writer. Author. Graphic Artist. Marketer. Salesperson. Growth-Driven Design Advocate. Inbound Certified.

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